IA Philosphy

Indigo Awakenings was born out of a knowing that every person on earth has the right to live in joy, peace and perfect health and to find their own sense of fulfilment.  This is at the heart of the offerings of service that are available to all who are drawn to Indigo Awakenings.   It is Lynnette’s goal, through Indigo Awakenings, to support women to achieve these states of being that are their birth right to the best of their potential.  Lynnette’s experience as a social worker and her spiritual development, through connection with her higher self and wise guidance from the spiritual realms, has lead to a sound understanding of the areas of learning, healing and soul growth that we all need to achieve these harmonious states of being.   These include:

  • The value and importance of living in consciousness.
  • Communion with the Spiritual realms and higher self to access wise guidance and support.
  • Free will and the responsibility of each individual for making their own life choices and accepting the consequences of these.
  • Understanding your oneness with All energy
  • Self discovery and understanding for development of a positive sense of identity and self-esteem.
  • Accepting, valuing, respecting and loving the self.
  • Accepting and valuing all others and life circumstances.
  • The courage to stand in one’s own truth
  • Development of your unique gifts and passions to share with the world
  • Understanding your life purpose and unlimited creative potential
  • Welcoming and embracing challenges and change towards learning and joyful growth and evolution.

Our human hearts desires: health and freedom, clarity and confidence, acceptance, abundance, joy, love, positive relationships and the sense of belonging that this brings, peace and harmony. To achieve these states of being, the true nature of the soul, our precious time and energy needs to be spent looking within.  All the answers we seek, our creative power, knowledge and wisdom are accessed through communion with the soul.  However, many of us are searching in places external to ourselves, relying on other people or circumstances that cannot reveal the truths that we need because they do not know what our higher wisdom knows.

Through the services offered by Indigo Awakenings, Lynnette aims to empower each individual to come to their own higher level of understanding and truth and to make wise choices as they enter the next phase of their lives.

IA Values

The Values of Indigo Awakenings and Lynnette:

  • The importance of conscious living enabling women to make clear choices and decisions throughout their lives and to work with their unique gifts and achieve their full potential. Conscious living places the power and responsibility for our own lives squarely in our own hands in accordance with free will and is therefore the corner stone of Indigo Awakenings and all services under it’s umbrella.
  • The infinitely superior wisdom of the soul self and spiritual realms. Encouraging access to this knowledge through reconnection and regular communion with our higher selves and spiritual guides.
  • Embracing oneness and living life in a balanced and harmonious state of being.
  • Honesty, truth and integrity and genuine interactions with self and others.
  • Always endeavouring to hold an intent for the highest good of All in our interactions with others (our thoughts, words, decisions and actions).“Do no harm” to self or others.
  • The equally of the feminine and masculine energies that, in truth, flow through all.
  • Teaching that the way to create overall health, wellbeing and peace in our lives on earth is through open hearts, compassion, kindness and respect for All energy including the self and the other.
  • A high quality of service provision through comprehensive assessment, unconditional love, respect and consideration for all.



IA Mission Statement

Lynnette aims to provide a safe space for women to learn, explore, share, heal and consciously practice new understandings for the purpose of evolving their souls in love and light.

Lynnette offers unconditional respect and acceptance to all and teaches each individual to give the gift of unconditional love to themselves and others.

With the utmost integrity Lynnette endeavours to provide a comprehensive high quality professional service using a combination of therapeutic and spiritual counselling frameworks, conscious channelling, spiritual healing, groups and workshops.