Spiritual/Channelled Counselling

This service is for adults

Lynnette is passionate about connecting with her soul and high level spiritual beings including Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, Spiritual Guides and other Deities who work with her.  Lynnette’s experience has taught her that the wisdom held by these sources is vast and she is excited to bring their guidance through during counselling sessions providing profound insights that the spiritual realms are aware will be most beneficial in supporting each individual through the unique circumstances and challenges they are facing at the time.  

Lynnette will either consciously channel or intuit information from these wise energies and share their words with the individual during the counselling session.  During Conscious Channelling high level spiritual teachers use Lynnette as a vessel through which they speak their messages and offer healing and information, guidance and clarity in relation to issues each individual presents with.  This wisdom is always offered from a loving and enlightened perspective for the highest good of the individual seeking counselling.  Messages focus on the individual’s higher purpose, unique gifts, challenges they present with and wish to resolve and questions they have about themselves or their lives.  The messages, encouragement and support also focus on how the individual may bring about positive change, increase joy and love in their lives and embrace challenges as learning opportunities for soul evolution and growth.

Channelled counselling helps you awaken to the truth of who you are and your life purpose. This process can increase self-love, acceptance, confidence and clarity and help you connect with your own soul wisdom and creative power to gain the most out of your life enhancing peace, health overall well-being in your life.

Receiving channelled messages can be life changing and, in the form of counselling, the wisdom and guidance is comprehensive and tailored by the spiritual master teachers to your specific needs.  

If you would like to learn more about counselling using Conscious Channelling or what it means to intuit information from the spiritual realms Lynnette welcomes your questions and is happy to share more about how she works so please contact her via telephone, email or facebook.