Spiritual Healing and Bodywise Intuitive Healing

Services  are primarily for adults

Spiritual Healing: Lynnette connects with her soul self, healing spiritual guides and masters and with your higher self with the intent to bring healing to whatever parts of your physical or energetic body are in need.  Lynnette becomes the physical vessel through which healing energy from the spiritual realms is directed.  The energy flows through Lynnette and is received by the individual who seeking healing. 

During the healing process the recipient may either lie on the healing bed provided or, if preferred, sit in a chair.  Lynnette will hold her hands over the body in the areas to which she is directed by Spirit.  Lynnette may move around the body offering healing energy to different areas.  Spiritual Healing works with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic fields of the individual.  During or after the process, Lynnette may have some information for the recipient in relation to actions they may take to continue the healing process themselves after the session or what the sources of the illness or injury may have been in relation to the soul’s life path such as lessons to be learned or karmic matters.  Sometimes Lynnette may receive other general information about the recipient which the spiritual realms feel is important for them to be made aware of at the time of the healing.

Lynnette does not need to establish physical touch with the recipient’s body during a healing process as the energy is able to flow into the individual regardless.  It is important to be aware that a person’s openness to healing and their level of belief that this process will work for them will effect the amount of healing energy they will allow to enter their field and overall success of the healing.  If the person is not fully receptive to the healing,they will block the flow to varying degrees.   It is also important to recognise that the affects of a healing may not be felt immediately.  It tends to take time for the healing to unfold within the energy system or body.  Therefore, it is beneficial to remain open and aware of any changes in the days afterwards.  

What you might expect to experience after a Spiritual Healing:

The benefits of healing could include changes in thought patterns and attitudes or behaviours, relief of physical symptoms, a lightening or expanding of energy, changes to emotional states, release of blockages in the body and emotions, a desire to eat different foods and among other things.  The body may feel tired or perhaps experience a slight tingling or buzz after a healing.  In some cases healing energy can result in some light headedness.  So it is important to be gentle with yourself, allow the body to rest and make sure you drink sufficient water to remain hydrated and help with grounding.  If you feel lightheaded or experience that buzz flowing through the body it may be that you need to ground yourself.  Getting out in nature and walking on the earth can help with this.  Lynnette explain grounding techniques at the time of the session in more detail.  

Bodywise Intuitive Healing (BIH)

This process guides you into a relaxed state of being as you follow your breath taking your attention inside your body.  Your focus remains with the internal wisdom of the body while your soul, from it’s expanded knowledge of what you need to become aware of and release for new growth, determines the information and insights the body reveals to you during each session.  Through BIH feelings, images and thoughts emerge taking you on a journey of self exploration, discovery, releasing, expansion and growth.

Bodywise uses very simple techniques that can be learned and used by anyone.  The recipient will learn to connect to the physical body and develop the gift of personal insight that enables the individual to consciously achieve new levels of self awareness.  For recipients who already have a well developed level of personal insight, Bodywise Intuitive Healing will come easily enabling you to achieve great benefits.

The Bodywise process assists individuals to discover and release emotional blockages that are often held within the body or energy system and, if left unchecked, can result in health concerns or patterns of behaviour that are unhelpful in many areas of our lives. Bodywise Healing will also bring opportunities to let go of old memories and experiences that people hold onto and beliefs that no longer support us.   The process works with the body and soul guiding the recipient towards physical, emotional and spiritual healing and expansion.

What is involved in the practise of Bodywise Intuitive Healing?

Bodywise requires a Connector and a Recipient.  The Connector, Lynnette, makes a connection by placing her finger tips at a point on the Recipient’s body and both Connector and Recipient set their intention for what they wish the Recipient to gain from the session.  The intention may be for the Recipient to discover, release and heal issues that are for their highest good during the session.  The Recipient may set their intention for a particular issue that has been a challenge for them to be the focus of the session.  The Connector guides the Recipient into a relaxed state asking them to focus on their breathing and relaxing their body and then take their focus to the point of connection noticing how it feels and any sensations, images or thoughts that arise for them.  Using a series of intuited open questions and reflections the Connector follows the Recipient as they explore what comes to them and helps guide the Recipient through a process of exploration and release.  The session flows to a natural conclusion and the Connector checks that the Recipient feels okay to end the connection and removes their fingers from that point on the body.  The Recipient is guided and given time to allow their new insights and energetic changes to settle within them and filter through their awareness, physical body and energy system returning to a relaxed and peaceful state.  There is time at the end of the session for debriefing exploring new insights and understandings.

The process requires trust in the self and the Connector, a willingness to be open to following the body’s direction and to allow the self to be vulnerable accepting all emotions, in whatever form they present, as they come up for expression and release.  This process tends to bring up feelings we find challenging and often tend to push aside, hide or ignore in our daily lives including sadness and tears, irritation, tension and stress, frustration and anger, grief, jealousy, fear and doubt, anxiety and hopelessness.  There can also be humour and laughter and joy, curiosity, relief and excitement arising during these sessions .  All emotions are compassionately received, welcomed and valued during the Bodywise Intuitive Healing process as each has a story to tell that leads to deeper levels of self understanding.

What are the benefits of Bodywise Intuitive Healing?

This is a simple process that can be learned and used by the recipient themselves if they wish to continue to explore on their own while sitting in meditation or creating a quite space from which they can focus, inquire and receive the body’s Intuitive wisdom.

For those who have not engaged in much self analysis or developed their ability to take an honest look inside and explore the different aspects of self,  this process teaches some basic an effective skills to do this important work.  Connecting with the body’s wisdom helps us create positive changes in our lives in any area where challenges exist or we might feel stuck.  BIH brings new understandings and insights that cannot help but propel us forward where other Therapeutic and healing approaches may have failed.  For those who are already very insightful and who do internal work on a regular basis, this is a great way to take this to the next level allowing you to access issues that your mind might be aware of but often distracts or blocks you from really exploring so that you are able to process and release at supremely deeper levels.

Bodywise Intuitive Healing is able to enhance wellbeing in all areas of our lives and bring us to a place of unconditional self love and acceptance, peace and expansion of the Soul.  This process can deepen the quality of our relationship with ourselves and has the flow on effect of improving our relationships with others as our ability for empathy and compassion increases.

If you have any questions about Spiritual Healing or Bodywise Intuitive Healing please contact Lynnette as she is happy to further discuss these offerings provided by Indigo Awakenings.  If you think either of these services could benefit you, why not call Indigo Awakenings today to make an appointment?

Note: Healing may also be delivered through other services offered by Indigo Awakenings such as Spiritual/Channelled and therapeutic counselling and healing meditation.