Therapeutic Counselling

Indigo Awakenings offers therapeutic counselling for many issues.  Lynnette’s own life path and her experiences, having been a social worker and counsellor for 20 years in combination with her connection to the wisdom offered by the spiritual realms enables her to offer in depth support on a range of life challenges for individuals of all ages.  Counselling of a therapeutic and/or spiritual nature, is Lynnette’s true passion.  Lynnette is a humanitarian at heart and wishes to provide support and guidance to all who approach her service in a manner that will result in their living a purposeful life with conscious awareness and achieving their full potential .  Lynnette believes it is the birth right of every individual on earth to live happy, peaceful, emotionally and physically healthy and fulfilled lives and she has the ability to assist individuals who also want this for themselves to work towards achieving these states of being.   If you are not do not thriving as you would like and you feel greater satisfaction could be achieved in any area of importance to you why not give Indigo Awakenings a call and find out how Lynnette could help?

Women: Indigo Awakenings offers support using a range of counselling models including: Art Therapy, Focus Oriented Therapy which help individuals through a process of Guided Self-Enquiry.  In line with Indigo Awakenings goal to assist individuals to live more conscious lives Lynnette also works with Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy and elements of Solution Focussed Brief Therapy and Gestalt Therapy.  Lynnette applies a Feminist lens to her counselling approaches and adopts a Strengths Based framework.   Lynnette incorporates Spiritual Counselling bringing through the wisdom of her soul and your higher self and guidance from other master teachers in the spirit realms when individuals are open to this.  

If you are not familiar with these approaches and would like to know more or have some questions about how Lynnette works you are welcome to contact Indigo Awakenings any time via telephone, email or facebook.  Lynnette is always open to sharing how she works and enjoys hearing from you.