Channelled Soul Readings

This service is for adults

Lynnette is a trained Medium able to offer psychic readings using psychometry (the holding of a personal item to connect with the energy of the individual accepting the reading), clairvoyance, claircognizance and psychic card sets to deliver information.  She has also trained in Conscious Channelling.  

Lynnette has always felt drawn to Conscious Channelling.  This has become one of her passions and so her mediumship services now solely focus on offering Channelled Soul Readings.

Readings provided through Conscious Channelling involve Lynnette opening herself up as a vessel enabling beings from the spiritual realms to share the information and guidance they believe will be of the highest good and benefit for the individuals who are seeking information about their lives and purpose.

The Information flows through Lynnette in the form of energy and enters and registers with Lynnette’s energy system.  Lynnette only works with her own soul, the higher selves of the client, Ascended Masters and other high level beings who work in the light coming from unconditional love and a desire to offer help and support to beings experiencing the challenges of human life.

Lynnette receives the energetic messages from the spiritual realms in the form of words forming in her mind.  Lynnette then verbally communicates the message to the individual.   The information and guidance Lynnette receives is infinitely wise and focus on what is important for the individual to hear at this time in their life to help them on their journey of spiritual soul growth and evolution moving forward.

The content of Channelled Soul Messages may not always be what the individual was hoping to hear.  Our Higher selves, our Spiritual Guides and the master teachers who are working to support us while we live our earth lives intend to use this opportunity to communicate with the individual about matters that are for their highest good, that will assist with healing, coping with challenges and clarity in decision making.  Channelled readings are for those who are seeking to learn the truth about who they really are, their purpose in life and how to live more joyful and peace filled lives.  These readings assist the individual to find a deeper connection with their soul and spiritual guides and to live more conscious lives, reclaiming their creative power, making choices, acting with intention, working to achieve their full potential and to build positive loving relationships with the self and others.

The spiritual Realms are not able to tell us what to do or give us all the answers we seek about how our life will unfold as we are here with free will to make our own choices and to grow and learn about ourselves through our daily experiences.  Just like when we read a novel or watch a movie, if we are told the ending it spoils the excitement of finding out for ourselves along the way and ribs us of the joy of the experience.  Trust that the spiritual realms, with their broad understanding and infinite wisdom about each of us, will give us exactly what we need as we need it.  Information provided by the spiritual realms will always be delivered in an ethical and gentle manner by Lynnette.

If this kind of reading you sounds like something that would be of interest and value to you listen to your inner voice.  It may be your soul trying to make a connection.  Why not take up the opportunity and contact Lynnette today to make an appointment.

If you are curious and would like more information about Channelled Soul Readings to help you decide if this is for you, Lynnette is happy to chat with you some more.  Please contact Indigo Awakenings via telephone, email or facebook.