Indigo Awakenings specialises in Therapeutic and Spiritual Counselling for women. Lynnette also provides Spiritual Healing and a uniquely crafted healing process, Guided Self Enquiry Healing, offered by few holistic services. Groups and Workshops are also available.  See below for specifics on each of these support options.

You can decide what service you would like to access at the first point of contact. Many people prefer to attend an initial appointment where their specific needs are discussed and a plan is developed through a thorough assessment process as to which services would be of most benefit. 

For more details see sections labelled Therapeutic Counselling, Channelled Counselling, Psychic Mediumship and Spiritual Healing.

 How might Indigo Awakenings Help Women:

Common challenges Women seek counselling for:  What they say:


Finding time for self-care:

“I don’t even have time for myself to shower some days let alone doing something I enjoy.”

“I get so frustrated and irritated some days and find myself yelling at the kids and I don’t want to be like that with them.  I want to be more patient.”

“I feel like there is no space for me to just be myself and relax.”


Relationship Issues: (Conflict/Domestic violence)

“My partner doesn’t help much and I feel really resentful some days.”

“I don’t have many close friends and my family lives too far away.”

“I always go along to keep the peace.”

“Somehow I feel that no matter what the issue I am always the one in the wrong.”

“What I want doesn’t seem to matter.”

“I find it hard to ask for what I need.”

“It’s like walking on egg shells and waiting for the next thing that’s going to set him off.”



“I don’t have any energy, I’m tired all the time.”

“I often feel irritated and snap at my partner.”

“I find myself in tears over the smallest thing.”

“I am hardly getting any sleep at the moment.”

“I make excuses to stay home.  I just don’t feel like seeing people right now.”


Low self-esteem sense of self value:

“I feel like a failure, I haven’t accomplished half of what I had hoped to by now.”

“I worry if I say no people will be upset with me.”

“I always worry people are judging me, I am judging myself.”

“I don’t remember what I used to do for fun.”

“I worry I won’t be capable enough to do it alone.”

“When I look in the mirror I am always pointing out the things I don’t like about myself.”


Feeling lost or lacking Direction:

“I don’t know what would make me happy or what to change to make things better.”

“I just know I don’t seem to fit in my life.”

“I am so confused about what to do, it’s hard to make a decision.”

“I don’t feel like my life has purpose right now.”

“I don’t know what I am good at or how to figure that out.”


Dealing with Stress and challenging emotions:

“I just get so angry and before I know it I am lashing out”

“I can’t sleep at night there is so much going around in my head”

“I can’t even think about what life will be like without… I am just sad all the time”

“Every time I think I am moving on something happens and I remember … “

“I keep reliving it over and over again.”

These are just some of the areas Indigo Awakenings can assist you with.  Please contact Lynnette to discuss any questions you may have about the support available through Indigo Awakenings.


Groups and Workshops

  • Healing Meditation Group – An open and ongoing group.  Offers guided mediations focussing on different topics each week such as healing the self, chakra clearing, healing the physical body, mind, emotions, inner child, energy blocks and remote healing of family members, nature and animal kingdoms and humanity. 
  • Mediation and Movement Workshops – Learn to meditate, align with your higher soul self and reconnect with the natural instincts of the body.  Understand the value of information gained by tapping into our innate sources of wisdom.  This will incorporate Relaxation exercises, guided mediations and free form dance/movement to music are included in this workshop.
  • Mediation and Mandala Workshops – Learn simple meditation, relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Find your inner sense of calm and wellbeing.  Unlock your unconscious bringing inspiration to the surface and create unique mandala’s reflecting your internal world. In this mindfully state, work with colour bringing to life meaningful images that encourage personal understanding and growth.  This is your time to “just be” in your own energetic flow without concern about finished product!!  Art is for everyone!!
  • Celebrating Divine Femininity Workshop:  Explore what feminine energy has brought to your life & how you will use this wisdom into your future.   Learn to value living in alignment with the feminine and masculine energies that flow through All in order to create balance in your life.  This workshop includes a channelled welcome message from spirit, group discussion, guided chanting & meditation (find your own unique tonal sound & connect with the energy & knowledge of your higher soul self/spiritual divas)  Dance to different music genres exploring the wisdom of the body & flow of your emotions. Create your own mandala artwork bringing to consciousness ideas & issues that are ready to reveal themselves for your understanding & growth.
  • Availability of all groups and workshops is subject to interest and numbers.