About Lynnette


My passion is to help women align with the wisdom of their soul or higher self. I believe this is the key to self-love, acceptance, finding your life purpose, and overall health and wellbeing.

It is my desire to help Women understand that we are more than just our personalities, minds and physical bodies.  We are eternal and infinitely wise beings who have come to earth to experience, learn and grow.  We each have our own unique gifts to share with the world.  There is no one else like us and we are all precious.

I believe when we know the truth of who we are and how we can access our vast wisdom and gifts, we are able to achieve our full potential.

While many wellness practitioners offer counselling, spiritual or healing services separately, I offer all three to my clients affording them deep insights and support for their healing journey. I offer holistic and spiritual counselling and healing services for women.

For 20 years, I have worked in social services helping individuals, families, young people and children through the provision of case work and counselling. Using my experience, wisdom and unique gifts, I now work with women who are struggling with all sorts of challenges, who may be lacking in direction and are not as happy as they deserve to be. I help them find their way back to self- love, and a sense of inner peace and joy.

My dream is to open a beautiful purpose-built spiritual centre that has consulting rooms, healing spaces, seminar facilities and a vegetarian restaurant. I have imagined this space for many years. I am more than a dreamer, and I believe this project will evolve one step at a time, in the same way I work with my clients. I would love to work with you.

Lynnette’s Professional Qualification and Experience: 

Lynnette obtained her Bachelor of Social Work through the University of Western Sydney in 1998 and is also a trained child care worker having obtained her Associate Diploma of Social Science (Child Studies) through Werrington TAFE in 1994.  She has completed a comprehensive certificate course in creative therapies including, art, play, sand and symbols, music and drama therapies in 2013.  For 20 years, she worked in the field of social work with individuals, families, young people and children through provision of case work and counselling.

During the last 11 years. Lynnette she has completed comprehensive courses in Psychic Mediumship in 2006 and Spiritual Channelling in 2009 over 20 weeks and 18 months respectively.  She has also completed courses in Reiki and Spiritual Healing in 2005 and is a practising channellor.  She has facilitated open psychic development, meditation and channelling circles.