In Celebration of Feminine Energy – Words of Wisdom by Indigo Awakenings:

In honour of my upcoming workshop on October 22nd 2016, Celebrating Divine Femininity, I have written this blog as a call to embracing and valuing this powerful and infinitely valuable energy.

For centuries our world, ironically named “Mother Earth” (in recognition of her feminine energy), and most of the societies within it, has been shaped by masculine energy that has been the dominant force on this planet.    This path was predetermined for humanity as a way to experience the extreme problems that occur when energies are out of balance in one direction or another.

Our world has been an experiment in duality and polarity and this pendulum swing in the direction of masculine energy is a part of this.   We have now almost come to the completion of this cycle and as we look around no one can deny that this dominant expression of masculine energy has led the world on a path as near to destruction as we should dare to come without risking total inhalation of our cherished mother earth.

As we take a close look around us at all that is going on including, wars, acts of aggression and terrorism, cruelty and disrespect towards animals, the degradation of the earth through mining, over farming and deforestation, all born out of greed and the lust for power and control, both of which, are born at a deeper level out of fear, we can not deny that this imbalance has has taken us to a dark and ugly place far away from the states of being that we all say we desire for ourselves, our children and our world.  No one wants to see mother earth destroyed and we all carry hope and faith in our hearts that this will never come to pass.

If there is any question as to whether masculine energy is responsible for the state of our world at this time, we only need turn to how infrastructure in most societies, our social constructs, values, beliefs, cultural and even religious practises came about.   Patriarchal ideologies are at the root or foundation of all of these.

However, this sociological discussion has been sufficiently explored via sociological research for anyone who cares to read into it further.  This blog is not about criticising men or about suggesting that women should take over where men left off and allow feminine energy to take the reigns.  It is about a call for change that will see feminine energy afforded it’s rightful value and respect in love and light.

I wish to acknowledge the fact that our world has come to view feminine energy as weak or less valuable than masculine energy because of the patriarchal ideologies that have taken deep root in our socialisation process. Beliefs that have become so powerful, pervasive and woven into the fabric of our societies that everywhere children look they observe this inequality in action and learn from the earliest of ages to reinforce these beliefs.  No one actually has to say that male energy is considered superior, it is simply known and felt in every aspect of our lives.  Even though for many years now women and to their credit, some men, have acknowledged this is an injustice and have worked tirelessly to change this, only small steps forward have been achieved.

Many women have lost their sense of self worth, value and respect as a result of their social learning.  Women are taught that they are supposed to be “natural at motherhood”, that their emotions are considered weak and irrational, that their main value is in their physical appearance, that their role is to care and nurture, yet this is viewed as having little value as it is either unpaid work done in the home or low paid work in the workforce.  Women learn that it is their role to keep the family together and that their male counterparts are to take the lead in the family meaning that women take direction from them and compromise their own needs and wishes where these might clash with their partner.   Women are told that they are physically weaker and less intelligent or able to reason than males and so it goes on.  There are many women who identify strongly with masculine energy and they have been told that they are not feminine enough and are criticised if they wish to climb trees or engage in physical work, perhaps enter positions of employment in areas that have been traditionally reserved as “men’s work”.  With all of these values and beliefs continually coming at women how could they not begin to doubt themselves, question their worth, begin to criticise themselves when they see other women “measuring up” to social norms more effectively than they do.

The lack of self love that develops is not limited to women.  There are also many males in the world who have experienced the negative impacts of these stereotypes.  Males have been taught that to express any emotions other than anger and aggression are a sign of weakness and have therefore had to supress their feelings causing them to disconnect from these, to have problems communicating effectively wither others and at times to express aggression inappropriately in relationships.  Males have feminine energy flowing through their energy system just as females have male energy.  Those men who perhaps have more feminine energy and would like to spend more time caring for their children or perhaps who are more inclined to express emotion or feel inclined to enter careers in areas typically labelled as female positions such as nursing are often ridiculed or told they are “soft”.   As a result as many males as females end up with low self esteems and lacking in confidence and self love.

We have a world of human beings walking around who have lost a true sense of their their identity, feeling lost, depressed and confused, anxious, stressed, unsatisfied and unfulfilled and unaware of their infinite value as soul beings.  This current imbalance of energy in the world is clearly not working for anyone.  Even those privileged and powerful few who believe themselves to be on top of the world, if the rest of the world is in turmoil, there will come a time when this turmoil lands at your doorstep also.  You can not escape unscathed indefinitely and your time of karma is coming.  One of the great universal laws “do un to others as you would have done to you”, explains this, when one hurts all hurt as we all come from the same one energy.  We are all one.

The feminine and masculine energies are 2 sides of the one coin, the yin and yang, they exist together and create one complete whole.  One without the other is not whole and can never be whole.  Thus each are of equal and infinite value and each must value and treasure the other.

The answer is not to continue to tilt from one to the other but rather to take the best of both energies and meld them together to create perfection.

The feminine energy has been supressed for so long it is time to uplift, nurture and honour her.  It is time to acknowledge her value and show her respect.  Femininity has many strengths.  Feminine energy gives birth and it is wonderfully creative, it nurtures, cares, shows compassion and unconditional love.  Feminine energy expresses and communicates, it is gentle and giving but also receives.  Feminine energy is just as powerful as masculine energy but uses it’s power in different ways.  To be feminine is to be divine.

No one on the planet is made up of one or the other, as beings whose existence sprang from the one energy that created all things, we are all made up of both masculine and feminine.  While we are at war in this battle of the sexes mentality we are at war inside ourselves.  If you see only half of yourself as valuable and the other as weak or less than, then you can never fully accept, embrace and love yourself.  If women are taught to supress their male energy as it is “unlady like” and to see their female energy as weak and less than, what chance do we have to love ourselves?  Many wind up not able to see anything positive about themselves at all.

How sad this is for human kind and how destructive it has been shown to be for our world.  So many of us are unhappy in our lives and this way of being is, in large part, the cause.  It is time to end this.

It is time to acknowledge the equal value of the masculine and the feminine and the fact that both are necessary, valuable and co exist.  If we are honest and look inside ourselves, if we have taken the time to really get to know our own internal qualities, our likes and dislikes, what we are good at and where we need work, we will all see aspects of the feminine and masculine within.  Let us embrace our whole self, every part, and use each to the best advantage so that we can become the best version of ourselves that we are capable of being.   We can only be the best version of you and me if we utilise all of the tools in our tool belt to the best of our ability.  Sure we may all still have areas of strength and areas to work on but we will have all the tools we need to develop ourselves to our full potential rather than only working with half the tool kit and limping along.

Bring femininity on board people, it is time!! The world is changing and we need to be at the top of our game to rise up.  To all women out there, celebrate and embrace your femininity now, step out of the illusion that masculine energy has sold you that you are somehow less than.  You are in fact brilliant, amazing, powerful, creative, beautiful and awesome beings of love and light.  You don’t have to achieve anything or meet any expectations to claim your value, you have it because you exist.

To all you men out there, step out of the illusion and embrace your feminine aspects, this energy is not something to turn your nose up at or scoff at, femininity is as much a part of you are your masculine energy.  You need to access this energy in order to find happiness.  In truth, you have chosen to embody masculine energy in this life and experience what it is like, but most of you will have, at some point, lived past lives on earth as women and had that experience too.  Don’t kid yourselves.  Know that the longer domination of masculine energy is supported on earth, there is a likelihood that you will be living future lives as women and that you will also experience the discrimination in that role if you have not already.  So lets all work together to end in equality so that no one has to experience what it is like to feel subordinate any longer.

I personally love being female despite all the challenges we face.  I can’t imagine wanting to be male.  Femininity is a wonderful experience.  However, I do recognise the male energy within and embrace it with humour.  Some days, when I try to open a bottle when the lid is too tight, I wouldn’t mind a little more muscle.  However, it is a small price to pay for the wonder of femininity!!

Love and gratitude to the mother of all mothers, mother Mary and love and blessings to the long suffering but brave and strong, Mother Earth!! I can’t wait to experience you on the other side of ascension.










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