The power of positive affirmations by Indigo Awakenings:


“Joy is mine as I believe

Perfect Health is mine to weave.

Joy is mine as I believe

abundance of love is mine to weave.

Joy is mine as I believe

financial security is mine to weave.

Joy is mine as I believe

success in life is mine to weave”.


So what does all of this mean?  It means that you have creative power over your life.  You can bring about whatever reality you choose by the thoughts you affirm each day.  It takes time, perhaps 2 weeks or more, to manifest your creations though, so don’t give up!!


Decide what your heart desires, what you believe is going to create the greatest joy in your life, and use the above affirmation, or a more detailed one you create on your own, every day as often as you can say it though out the day.


At first it might just be something you say and it might feel silly or you might doubt yourself but as you keep going eventually you will find these beliefs begin to replace the older more unhelpful fear based beliefs that have been drummed into you by society throughout your life.


Everytime you hear yourself say “I can’t” replace it with “I can” (in the words of Raihnon, a wise and wonderful being from the spirit realms).


Give it a try, what have you got to lose?  I can’t see a down side.


I am doing it right now and I challenge everyone else to give it a solid go.  Let’s take control of our lives and create the life we choose rather than just being swept along living unconsciously and feeling like a helpless victim.  Regain control over your life now.  It is a choice we all have the right to make.  Joy is mine now!!!


When I say that you have a right.  I mean this.  You are born of the greatest most supreme energy of love and light, the All that is. This energy created all you see in existence, from the smallest blade of grass, to the tallest mountain.  All that is, the great spirit of all things, created the whole universe in all of its variety and intricate details.  You are of this creative energy.  it runs through your you cells, DNA, entire body and the energy fields all around you that make up your entire being.  As such you too have been gifted with the ability to create, you have the same powers in you, you inherited them and they are therefore your free will to use.  This is your gift.  Don’t waste it.


Believe in your ability to create and go for it!!  Create all you believe will bring you true Joy.


As always, great power comes with great responsibility.  Always make sure that what you are creating for yourself does not impact on the free will of others for this is not acceptable.  We all have our own free will and no one has the right to take that away from us.


If you would like to learn more about this, why not contact Indigo Awakenings and make an appointment with Lynnette who will be more than happy to explain and explore all this entails with you.

Have a great day and a great life everyone.  I intend to!!



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