One of the things I have learned and i fact believe is one of the most important goal life lessons for my life this time around is “Balance in all things is essential for a satisfying and healthy life.”

I have often heard this from a range of different sources throughout my life.  I first realised that balance was something I was working on in this life when I was reflecting in my early 20s on my parents, how different they were in many respects, one very practical and driven to achieve tasks, never stopping until completion once a task was started or a goal was set, the other very laid back, a born procrastinator, who would always put off until tomorrow what could be done today and who it would take very little enticement to take a coffee break.  It hit me like a bolt of lightening that I was the exact balance in the middle, I put things off for a bit but once I start I do power through, however, I will hit a wall at some point and notice my energy waning and I take a break and say “enough for today”.  I had without realising it, observed my parents and decided that I didn’t think the way either of them did things was the optimal and I found the middle road.  As I thought about them and myself, I realised that I was the balance in between.   It then dawned on me that this is one of the life lessons I was hear to learn and that I was well on my way.

Since then I have paid much more attention to the benefits of balance and made efforts to bring this into my life more consciously.  Sometimes I teeter one way or another and I can always tell in my energy when I have gone too far.  I feel a drop in energy, I begin to feel restless, irritated with what I am doing, frustrated and generally cranky.  I feel tired and resentful.  As such I know that it can not be good for my overall health as these feelings are not uplifting.

Each day when I have spent equal time utilising my mind, exercising my body, eating at even intervals through the day, engaging in spiritual activity, resting and doing something I really enjoy, I feel whole, light, happy and satisfied with how I have spent my time.  It feels even.

If I lounge about all day long I begin to feel restless and guilty.  I don’t enjoy this after a while and I continue to hear a voice inside saying, you have been sitting still for too long.  If I have been working my mind for too long I begin to feel stale and drained and restless.  I hear my higher self saying, time to get up and move your body.  I if have been engaged in physical work for too long, my body gets tired and weak and my wise soul tells me I need to rest, eat and drink to replenish my energy.

When I stay up too late at night I feel tired and the next day I have low energy.  If I stay in bed too long my body begins to ache and that restlessness returns.  My soul and body are always signalling me to let me know what I need to be doing and when I need to change it up.  If I listen all flows and I feel light, happy and satisfied.  If I don’t, i pay the price in some way.

If all of this happens in one day, imagine what we are doing to ourselves when we live our whole lives out of balance.  When day in and day out we ignore our inner or higher voices and keep up those unhealthy habits.  No wonder there are so many unhappy and unwell people in the world and there is so much negative energy floating around us.  When we are out of balance we are resentful and irritable, we are drained and therefore have less patience when things don’t seem to be going the way we want.  When we feel like this we are not being kind to ourselves and we therefore certainly don’t have much left in the tank to be kind to others.  We may go through the motions for others but we are not likely to be doing so from a place of contentment and altruism.

Listen to your body, your mind, your soul and it will whisper to you what you need to be doing and when.  It will help you achieve balance in your day and your life.  If you ignore these important sources of wisdom, the messages will get louder and louder until you are forced to hear whether you like it or not.  I always think that the saying “if you ignore the pebble, the brick will eventually be thrown through your window” is very apt.  We often end up with an illness when we have bene doing too much and ignoring the signals that we need to rest or slow down.  It is our body and soul’s way of making us listen.

Balance keeps us refreshed, it ensures we remain interested in our life, our body feels more healthy and energised, we feel happier and lighterin mind and spirit, we also feel more as though we are moving in the right direction with our life because we are listening to the wise guidance of our soul and body.  We feel as though we could accomplish anything as we are operating at our optimal level.

Think about the way you are spending your life, they way your life is structured.  What is a typical day like for you, are you eating regularly and a good mix of healthy foods?  do you get your 8 hours sleep?  How much time are you spending at work?  Is your work physical or mental?  Do you find time for self care, relaxing and doing activities you enjoy?  how much time do you spend with family, friends and colleagues and how much time alone?  Do you exercise your body or are you sitting for much of the day?  What areas are out of balance?  What is missing? What needs to change?  What is your body telling you? What messages is your soul trying to impart right now about your lifestyle?  Do you know the signs and signals of your body?  Would you recognise them if they came up and bit you?  These are all vital questions to be asking yourself to assess whether your life is in balance or not.

How much of the time in your life do you feel satisfied, happy, healthy and energised or enthusiastic?  How much of the time do you feel positive about things?  If you answer, not often, then you have some work to do to get things back in balance.  I challenge you to do this today.  Don’t wait until the brick comes sailing through your window and say “why is this happening to me”.  Only you have the power to consciously make the changes you know you need to.  Our health, both mental and physical is everything, I guarantee you will miss it if it goes.  Don’t wait to realise the value of health until it is going down hill, do something now.  Early intervention is the key to prevention.  You won’t regret it.  I wish you all the very best.


Love and light.

Indigo Awakenings.

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