Indigo Awakenings is all about my desire to assist people living on Mother Earth to begin, or continue along, their journey towards conscious living, to help anyone who uses my services to really understand who they are, a powerful and creative soul being, rather than just a physical body, brain and personality.  It is my goal to assist my clients to recognise where they have come from and their purpose, what they are here on earth to achieve, I would love everyone to come to know that they are spiritual beings, who have a consciousness that is far greater than they may be able to imagine and tap into while sleep walking through life in the belief that their sum total is the body and the brain.  Our souls are far grander than this and when we are not aware there is so much untapped potential to be found within us all.  We are all infinitely creative beings of love and light and yet so many of us are living unsatisfying lives, feeling unhappy, depressed, confused and alone.  The world we have created through the negative energy being sent out, is not the world that most of us say we would want to live in if we had a choice.

Well, we do have a choice and now more than ever, it is vital that we begin to awaken to this as we perch on the brink of a new world of love, peace and harmony that could come into being in a mere moment if we all decided to focus our creative attention and intention towards this.   WHere our attention goes, energy flows.

I would like everyone to know the truth that I have come to know through my own experience and the journey of awakening I have been on for some years now.  We all come from the one source of light and love.  This infinite source of energy runs through and connects us all in oneness.  This creative energy is in the very air that we breathe.  It is in our cells, DNA, bodies, minds, souls.  We originated from this energy and we will all return to this energy.  Therefore, in truth, we are all one big family, there is no real separation.   When we awaken to and stand in this truth there is no limit to what we can achieve if we begin to live consciously in the “now moment” and set our intent to create what our hearts and souls desire.

It is my greatest wish to be of assistance to my clients to come to know the joy and peace this truth has brought into my life and to begin to find their own path on this journey.  We are all here for the purpose of gaining experience, learning, growing and evolving our souls to heightened levels with the goal of reuniting with our higher selves and eventually the energy I call “The All that is”, others may call this energy God or the Great White Spirit, Allah etc.  Whatever we call it, this is the one source from which All comes.

My goal is to, at the very, least plant the seeds of this truth in the knowledge that they will begin to grow so that at whatever point the individual is ready to consciously recall who they are, this process will unfold.   For those already on this journey, I hope to be of some guidance and assistance through the services I offer and, as tends to happen, we will learn and grow together.   It can often be an isolating, confusing and challenging journey when one starts out until finding others who are of a like mind and also on this path.   We are all here to do the same thing, move in an upward direction towards our home.  However, we are all at different levels along the way and moving at our own pace.  If you find yourself feeling dissatisfied with life, wondering “is this really it? surely there is more to this life?  Why am I here?, what is my purpose?  this can’t be All There Is? ” then you are already searching and beginning this process.  It can be a great help to find someone who is already on this journey and able to shed some more light.

Indigo Awakenings offers to do this through spiritual healing and a combination of  traditional therapeutic and spiritual counselling services and groups.  Services are available for adults, children and young people.

Traditional Counselling methods include: CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy and Strengths Based counselling along with Creative Therapies such as Art, Sand and Symbols and Play Therapy.

Spiritual Services Include: Counselling and Channelled Counselling, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, a Healing Meditation Group for adults and Meditation and Movement groups for adults and children.

If we could live in a world where people are conscious of who they really are and why we are here it would bring a sense of much needed connectedness into humanity, we would be a more caring, loving and peaceful world as we respect and love ourselves and all those around us, including the natural world and animal kingdom.  It is my greatest hope that we can bring this heaven down to earth within my lifetime.  I believe it is the world we all want and deserve.  Let’s start now!

If you would like further information about the philosophy and values on which Indigo Awakenings services are based, services offered, location or any other details about Indigo Awakenings please check out:



Much love and light to you all, I look forward to hearing from you 🙂


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  1. The indigo child is here to bring us closer to our true essence. We think our minds are separate because of our bodies. These children know differently.

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