Indigo Awakenings Offers Counselling, Spiritual Healing, Groups and Workshops. Servicing Parramatta and surrounding areas.


Indigo Awakenings is a safe and healing place to open your heart, gather your energy and find peace within.

What if you were an infinitely wise and wonderful being?

What if you were completely loveable and acceptable just as you are?

What if you were as infinitely valuable as a precious diamond? 

What if you had unique and gifts to offer the world and those you love!

Well you are and you do!!

Imagine if you could have an abundance of health, wealth, love, peace, joy and fulfillment? 

Imagine what life could be like if your potential was unlimited!

Imagine what you could achieve if you were a powerfully creative being!

Imagine what you could do if you knew the purpose of your life on earth!

You don’t have to imagine.  You have all of this within you!!

Are you a woman struggling in some area of your life? Indigo Awakenings offers support to overcome the many life challenges we face setting you free to find your true purpose and achieve your full potential, some of which include:

  • Feelings of worry, anxiousness and low self esteem
  • Feeling overwhelmed, unhappy or depressed
  • Feeling unsupported or unsafe at home
  • Relationship issues and conflict
  • Feeling lost or lacking direction
  • Difficulty adjusting to life changes
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Feeling different, a sense of not belonging
  • Difficulty meeting people and making friends

Lynnette shares her professional knowledge and experience and her own soul wisdom and connection with the spirit realms that have helped her and countless others she has worked with to assist each person to develop the tools they need to enhance overall health, wellbeing and life satisfaction.  It would be a privilege to assist you and/or your child to uncover and embrace the truly amazing energetic beings you are.   Find your light and shine it bright!! 

Through Indigo Awakenings:

  • Learn how to make conscious connections with your own soul wisdom
  • Learn to commune with your spirit guides, the Angels, Ascended Masters and other enlightened beings in the spiritual realms
  • Learn to identify and understand the innate wisdom held within your physical body and how this is able to assist you.
  • Learn to recognise, effectively manage, communicate and heal your emotions that can otherwise result in blockages that impede your health and happiness.

These are all the tools we require to achieve success, joy, abundance, peace and love in our human lives.  

Together we will unlock the sacred treasures of your soul bringing them into your awareness helping you come to understand your true worth and live to your full potential.  Why not start your journey of self discovery today? 

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